We offer a wide variety of services that range from analytical and materials testing, material design and synthesis, custom research and development, and formulation optimization.  For further information and pricing please contact us here, or call us at (734) 527-4080.

Testing services are performed according to the most recent ASTM standards for reliable third-party validation of product performance. You can trust our team of coatings and polymer experts from the biggest names in the industry to deliver fast, accurate results and offer solutions to your toughest performance questions.

Starkweather Laboratories also offers burn-off processing services as a safe, affordable alternative to chemical processes. Burn-off processing efficiently removes (non-hazardous) grease, paint, powder, and grime from metal parts. The parts are placed in our pyrolysis oven and are slowly heated to 800°F. When burning is complete, the parts are left only with an ash residue that can be easily rinsed off.

Synthetic Capabilities

Our onsite formulators, scientists, chemists, and technicians come from some of the biggest names in the industry including The Dow Chemical Company, Akzo Nobel, and Stepan. With 43 feet of fume hoods, a 7-foot walk-in fume hood, 355 feet of bench space, and 20 simultaneous (250mL – 30L) reactor setups we are well equipped to handle your project. Chemistry specialties include:

Polyester Polyols
Polyurethane Dispersions
Flexible and Rigid Foams
UV Curable Coatings
Coating Formulation Development

Analytical Capabilities

Moisture Content (Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration)

ASTM D6304

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

ASTM D6604

Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

ASTM D2621

Isocyanate Content

ASTM D2572-97

Hydroxyl Value of Polyols

DIN 53240-2

Melting Range of Organic Chemicals via Capillary Tube


Molecular Weight Average and Distribution (GPC)

ASTM D5296

Softening Point of Bitumen (Ring-and-Ball Apparatus)


Coatings Testing Capabilities

Platinum-Cobalt Color Scale (APHA/Hazen)

ASTM D1209

Gardner Color Scale

ASTM D1544

Cross-Cut Adhesion

ASTM D3359

Density of Liquid

ASTM D1475

Dry Film Thickness

ASTM D7091

Gel Tests for Polyurethane Non-Foam Formulations (Pot Life)

ASTM D7997

Specular Gloss


Fineness of Dispersion (Hegman Gage)

ASTM D1210

Impact Testing of Organic Coatings

ASTM D2794

Mandrel Bend Test


Chemical Resistance via Solvent Double-Rubs

ASTM D5402

Melting Range of Organic Chemicals via Capillary Tube


PATTI Adhesion

ASTM D4541

Pendulum Hardness (König and Persoz)

ASTM D4366

Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings

ASTM D4060

Stain Spot Test

ASTM D1308

Sward Hardness

ASTM D2134

Pencil Hardness

ASTM D3363

Viscosity Cups (Zahn)

ASTM D4212

Imhoff Settling Cones

Standard Methods 2540F


ASTM D2196


ASTM D2471

Water Resistance of Coatings (Water Fog Apparatus)

ASTM D1735

Salt Fog Chamber


Tensile Testing

ASTM D2370

APHA Color Scale

ASTM D1209

Gardner-Holdt Bubble Tube Viscosity

ASTM D1545

Flexible/Rigid Foam Testing

Air Flow

ASTM D3574, Test G

Compressive Strength

ASTM D1621

Constant Deflection Compression Set

ASTM D3574, Test D


ASTM D1622

Dimensional Stability (Heat/Cold/Humid-Aged)

ASTM D2126

Flammability Testing

CAL TB117, ASTM D635, D3801, D5048

Foam Reaction Profile

ASTM D7487

Optical Smoke Density


Resilience (Ball Rebound)

ASTM D3574, Test H

Tensile Strength

ASTM D3574, Test E

Other Equipment & Capabilities

43 Linear Feet of Bench-top Fume Hood
7-Ft Walk-In Fume Hood
355 Linear Feet of Laboratory Bench Space
Up To 20 Simultaneous Reactor Set-Ups, 250 mL – 30 L Scale
Hot Bath
Rotary Evaporator
Ultrasound Bath
Handheld and Bench-top UV-Curing Lamps
Ph Meter
Analytical Balance, 0.1 Mg Resolution
Convection Oven
Burnout Furnace
Muffle Furnace
Hotplate/Magnetic Stirrer
Microscope Digital Camera
High-Shear Mixer
Planetary Centrifugal Mixer
Syringe Pump